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“Coke Studio Bangla Unveils ‘Dewana’: A Modern Bangla Qawwali to Groove this EID!”

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Coke Studio Bangla released their 8th song of season 2 “Dewana” on 24th June, just before Eid-ul-Adha to have the audiences’ groove with the magical production of Fuad Almuqtadir. The song was originally written by Mohammad Abdul Goni aka GaniPagol. The energetic music was matched by the season 1-starSoumyadeepSikdar popularly known as SoumyaMurshidabadi and his performance was complimented by the beautiful voice of Tasfia Fatima (Tashfee) and ShuchonaShely.
Dewana is for the love and longing for the divine. The writer, GaniPagol was a Bangladeshi Qawwali artist and like most Qawwali songs, he devoted his songs to the almighty. While the lyrics of the song reflects the Qawwali culture, the composition is very different.The Bangladeshi form of Qawwali – Bangla Qawwali, is much more uplifting in its composition.
Fuad Al Muqtadirbrings a vibrant twist to Bangla Qawwali music with his troupe in his signature style. The melodic charm of SoumyaMurshidabadi’s ghazal-like vocal, combined with the harmonious duet of Tashfee and ShuchonaShely, stitches tradition into a blanket of funky beats, popping bass lines, and everything contemporary, revealing the real magic of Bangla Qawwali music.Apart from the lead singers, the song features,Shayan Chowdhury Arnob in the background playing his Ek-Tara and Ripon Kumar Sarkar (Boga). Audiences also experienced the magical duet of Do-Tara and Beatboxing by prominent musicians Labik Kamal Gauroband Moktadir Dewan Shanto.
“Combining classic Bangla Qawwali with modern music was a fun challenge, one that we thoroughly enjoyed. It’s great to see the effort we put behind the scene, have resulted in a great music. This is one of the songs to enjoy during Eid.” said Fuad Almuqtadir.
SoumyadeepSikdar(SoumyaMurshidabadi) said that, “I’ve had the pleasure of performing in both seasons of Coke Studio Bangla and two songs are completely different from one and other. That is the beauty of this platform, as it allows us musicians experiment and try new elements. Dewana’s energy is something our audiences can relate with and have fun as much as we did.”
Tasfia Fatima Tashfee said that, “Performing in Coke Studio Bangla has been an amazing experience and with each song we try to bring out more of Bangla’s musical heritage in a modern and innovative way.”
“The energy of Dewana emits the energy of this music loving nation. We believe the audiences will dance along with the power packed music of this song.” Said ShuchonaShely.

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