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Celebrating Mother’s Day: Get the best TV for the best mother!

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Redwan, the only child of Begum Hosne Ara (a former school teacher), works as an accountant at a reputed private firm in Dhaka. Due to excessive workload, he reaches home late most days of the week. His mother used to await his arrival all day without much else to do at home. Although they had a television, its small screen, and recurring technical issues made it very annoying to watch. Hence, this year for Mother’s Day, Redwan decided to buy a new TV as a gift for his mother. Confused about the numerous TV brands available in the market, he asked for recommendations from his near ones. One of his colleagues then suggested that he choose a television from Samsung, a brand that has been securing the position of the Global Number One Television Brand for 16 years. Without any ado, he went to his nearest outlet and brought home Samsung’s Crystal 4K UHD TV as a way to express his love and care for his mother.
Televisions are a significant part of our lives, keeping us company in our personal moments. However, Samsung has brought a range of TV models like Crystal 4K UHD, QLED, Neo QLED, costing from 51,900
These 4K UHD TVs are equipped with Crystal Processor 4K, delivering an unmatched picture quality by optimizing high contrast ratio and mastering HDR. The dynamic color ranges that they offer account for the most immersive viewing experience, where every subtlety on the screen can be noticed effortlessly. With 4K UHD Resolution, the audience can catch crisp details with no strain on the eyes. Even details in darker scenes will seem natural, thanks to the TV’s High Dynamic Range (HDR).
These Samsung Televisions also come with built-in voice assistants, including Bixby and Amazon Alexa, enabling you to get your tasks done through commands with utmost ease. On top of that, it all can be found in one place. Thanks to its Universal Guide, all content across OTT can be found upon pressing a single button on the remote. This makes entertainment easier to find for relatively lesser tech-savvy individuals, like our mothers.
On top of all these amazing features perfect for mothers, Samsung Televisions can be purchased with EMI facilities all year round. Hence, these amazing televisions can be bought with no excessive load on the pockets all at once! Moreover, apart from the aforementioned models, Samsung has a range of many others to choose from. Visit your nearest outlet or log on to Samsung’s website to know more!
Mothers have always made sure to give us the best of everything: food, clothing, gifts, or even education. On special occasions like Mother’s Day, it comes as our opportunity to reciprocate the love and affection. For stay-at-home mothers like Begum Hosne Ara, being alone the entire day without much to do can get very tedious, with television being the only escape to cut the loneliness.
What can be a better gift than the Global Number One Brand, Samsung’s Crystal 4K UHD TVs? Offering ultimate ease in navigating through TV shows and movies, these televisions are perfect for our mothers. They also have an impeccable sleek design, making them a beautiful addition to your house. Moreover, Samsung has an array of other televisions to choose from as well.
Therefore, this Mother’s Day, make no delay and get the best gift for your precious mother, from Samsung!

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