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BTV Airs 3 Eid Special Episodes of Sisimpur

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Like every Eid, children are going to enjoy three special episodes of their favorite Sisimpur during this Eid. The three special episodes of Sisimpur are titled as ‘Eid-er Khushi Eid-er Hasi, Sobai Miley Pashapashi’ will be aired through state owned TV Channel, Bangladesh Television (BTV) on three consecutive days from Eid day. These episodes will go on air at 1:00 PM every day.

The Eid special Sisimpur episodes were designed to educate young children with entertainment on a couple of important issues like Self Care, Guessing from Clues, and Literacy. Halum, Ikri, Shiku, Tuktuki, Manik-Ratan and Bahadur, the popular characters of Sisimpur, will appear on the show with lots of surprises. They will share the joy of celebrations with all many different people of our country.

Beside this one child will also take part in each episode. Every one of them are friend of Halum, Ikri, Tuktuki and Shiku.

In addition, Sisimpur is also took part of BTV’s first-ever Children Ananda Mela this Eid. A special performance of IKRI, HALUM, TUKTUKI and SHIKU is included in the fun-filled program of Anandamela.

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