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British MP Samuel Tarry in Dhaka

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British politician Samuel Peter Tarry is now visiting Dhaka on invitation of UDDIPAN to experience the development activities of Bangladesh. United Development Initiatives for Programmed Actions (UDDIPAN) works for the socio-economic development of the disadvantaged and marginalized populations throughout the country.
The UK MP also called on Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan on Tuesday during his four-day visit to Dhaka. Tarry also visited the superstore, Shwapno on the same day to understand the potential of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and, food and beverage to UK.
On the first day of his trip, the Labour Party leader made a field visit to UDDIPAN daily project and proposed university campus in Vakurta of Savar. UDDIPAN Chairman Md Nazrul Islam Khan and Board Member of UDDIPAN & Adviser on International Affairs Nazir Alam accompanied the foreign delegate.
UDDIPAN Chairman Md Nazrul Islam Khan expressed gratitude to the British politician Samuel Tarry for visiting different sites to learn development miracle of Bangladesh. “Bangladesh economy is growing rapidly towards a developing one. We believe the country has the capacity to reach the mark. UDDIPAN is supporting the journey as a non-government development agency,” he said.
Regarding Mr. Tarry’s Dhaka trip, UDDIPAN Director Nazir Alam said that international delegate came experience the rapid growth of Bangladesh achieved over last one decade.
“Bangladeshi products have potential to enter in Europe market. Besides, Terry can contribute in economic cooperation as he represents a constituency that hosts largest South Asian communities in the UK,” he said.
Tarry is scheduled to visit Rahim Afrooz’s factory visit in Ishwardhi to explore the potential of batteries and solar solutions to the UK. He also met with the representatives of UDDIPAN Renewable Energy Limited (UREL) to discuss bi-lateral trade and investment in this sector.
On concluding day, the UK shadow Minister for Transport will also visit a factory of Walton Electronics to connect the Bangladeshi technology equipment to Europe.
The internationally acclaimed politician will also inaugurate the Simulation Lab & Space 39 of UDDIPAN at SKS Tower in the capital before leaving Dhaka.
Sam Tarry is a prominent figure in British politics, representing a constituency known for hosting one of the largest South Asian communities in the UK, including a substantial Bangladeshi population.
As the Shadow Minister for Transport under Labour leader Keir Starmer, Tarry plays a crucial role in shaping the party’s stance on transportation policies.
Tarry currently holds the position of captain and chair of the UK parliamentary rugby team and actively participates in the all-party parliamentary group for Bangladesh, highlighting his diverse engagement in both politics and sports.

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