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Environment Minister Held Bilateral Meetings at Petersberg Climate Dialogue, Berlin

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Environment, Forest, and Climate Change Minister Saber Hussain Chowdhury engaged in pivotal bilateral meetings with Saudi Arabia’s Chief Climate Negotiator, Khalid M. Almehaid, during the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in Berlin, Germany, on Thursday, April 25, 2024.

The meetings underscored the commitment of both nations to collaborate on addressing pressing climate challenges and advancing the global climate agenda. Minister Chowdhury and Chief Negotiator Almehaid exchanged insights and perspectives on key issues such as renewable energy adoption and climate adaptation strategies.

Minister Chowdhury reiterated Bangladesh’s unwavering dedication to ambitious climate action, highlighting the country’s significant strides in renewable energy development and climate resilience efforts. He emphasized the importance of international cooperation and collective action in achieving the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Chief Negotiator Almehaid commended Bangladesh’s proactive approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation, acknowledging the nation’s leadership in championing sustainable development practices. He expressed Saudi Arabia’s commitment to strengthening collaboration with Bangladesh and other nations to address the interconnected challenges posed by climate change.

The bilateral meeting between Minister Chowdhury and Chief Negotiator Almehaid serves as a testament to the shared commitment of Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia to advancing the global climate agenda and fostering sustainable development for present and future generations.

Minister of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change Saber Hossain Chowdhury received the invitation letter from Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chief Negotiator of Azerbaijan Yalchin Rafiyev to participate in COP-29 on the sidelines of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue held in Berlin, Germany. Besides, he held bilateral meetings with the delegates of Egypt, Denmark, President of COP-28 and COP-29, and the German State Secretary.

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