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Benefits of Drinking Coffee

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  • Raisa Mehzabeen

Coffee is a drink that we drink every day. Every day we do not want to start without coffee. There are different types of coffee beans but the most popular among them is “Arabia” which has a better taste and quality. Its seeds are slightly longer. Next in popularity is “Robusta”. These beans are round in shape. The coffee we drink is eaten or served in different ways. Some of the most popular coffees are-

1/ Black Coffee: It is usually prepared by steeping coffee beans in hot water. This is a very simple coffee. It is also called “café noir”.

2/ Latte: It is an Italian coffee drink. It is also known as latte or latte, from the name cafe-e-latte. Made with espresso and steamed milk. Served hot or cold with light milk foam on top.

3/Cappuccino: The difference with Latte is that it uses steamed milk and milk foam, that is, cracked milk. Also, different flavors can be made by using cream.

5/ Flat White: The coffee prepared with only espresso and steamed milk without milk foam is called flat white.

4/ Espresso: It is a mixture of sugar and coffee powder that is mixed through high pressure. It is used as the primary mixture of most other coffee mixtures. To make cappuccino, latte, and espresso must be made first. A coffee blend that doubles as a regular espresso is called a “doppio” and a regular espresso is called a “solo.”
5/Americano: It is prepared by mixing espresso and hot water. It is similar to black coffee, the difference is that black coffee is not made under high pressure.

6/ Curtado: It was invented in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. It is prepared by mixing equal amounts of espresso and milk. However, the concentration of milk is relatively low.

7/ Mok-Ha: It is called Mok-Ha or Moka. It is made with espresso, chocolate powder, or chocolate and steamed milk. It is made by mixing the hot chocolate syrup with a shot of espresso in a cup, topped with milk and foam. Sprinkle cocoa powder over the foam and serve.

8/Macchiato: It is Italian coffee. It means “marked”. Espresso, milk, and “foam” are used. A shot of espresso is served with milk and foam. There are different flavors – vanilla, chocolate, caramel, etc.

9/ Dalgona: Dalgona coffee is a bit like a cold latte. The name originates from Dalgona candy in South Korea. Coffee foam is made by mixing equal amounts of instant coffee, sugar, and water well and served with bittersweet coffee over cold milk. This coffee has gained popularity as “quarantine coffee”. It is served cold.

10/ Turkish coffee: This coffee originally originated from Yemen but spread to Turkey during Ottoman rule. It tastes like espresso but is not as strong as it. Its coffee beans are relatively less filtered. This coffee brew takes a long time to brew, so it has a variety of flavors.

11/ Nitro Brew: Nitrogen gas is circulated separately in this coffee. Nitrogen gas does not dissolve easily in water, so the coffee tends to be somewhat creamy, foamy, and more concentrated.

Benefits of drinking coffee daily

Caffeine in coffee is an energy booster. This ingredient helps increase physical and mental energy.

● The brain works well.
● Thinking power improves and skills improve.
● The risk of type 2 diabetes is low. (if taken without sugar)
● The risk of dementia and Parkinson’s disease is low.
● The risk of depression also decreases.
● Lower risk of liver damage and colorectal cancer.
● Coffee contains potassium, magnesium, manganese and vitamin B without caffeine.
● Antioxidants in coffee keep the mind healthy.
● Experts recommend drinking coffee for those who have problems with mood swings.
● Coffee is also particularly helpful in reducing fatigue.

Coffee has many benefits for the body. But drinking too much coffee is not healthy at all. Rather, it can have a very harmful effect on the body.


Raisa Mehzabeen: Student of Food and Nutrition, Govt. College of Applied Human Science

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