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Banking Diploma- Pros and Cons

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  • Dinu Pramanik

A banking diploma is a new requirement for bank officer advancement. According to the circular of Bangladesh Bank, there are new conditions in the promotion policy of the bank officers. The completion of a banking diploma is now required for the advancement of bank officers. Since the issuance of this policy, various kinds of discussion and criticism have been going on through social media. Those who have already passed say it is good as well as it was required & the reality step taken by Bangladesh Bank. And those who have not been able to pass until now are putting forward different arguments. Even the Bankers’ Welfare Association, a bankers’ organization, opposes making the banking diploma pass mandatory for banker advancement.

Actually, I had no intention of writing about it. Due to it is a big issue. Moreover, I am also a banker, and all the bankers working in the banking industry are comrades like me who work non-stop from nine or nine thirty in the morning till seven or more in the evening with a target as high as a mountain.

What is the requirement for a banking diploma? Are there any prerequisites for this banking diploma? In response to this question, the new guidelines issued by Bangladesh Bank said that the importance of the banking sector in the overall development of the country is immense. As a result, the need to develop skilled human resources with basic banking knowledge in this sector and increase officials’ decision-making capacity is undeniable. One of the benchmarks of knowledge and experience of bank and financial institution officers in banking law and regulatory practice is the two-phase (JAIBB and DAIBB) Diploma in Banking conducted by ‘The Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB)’ which is held every six months in every year. The Banking Diploma Exam Syllabus is designed to cover all the theoretical and practical knowledge of banking. Whereas the JAIBB exam tests the basics and basic knowledge of banking, the DAIBB exam tests advanced banking knowledge and skills. It should be noted that JAIBB and DAIBB provide banking diploma certificates to those who pass the examination. In such a situation, in order to increase the skills, qualifications and capabilities of the bank officers, it has been made mandatory to pass both phases of the banking diploma for inclusion in the eligibility list for promotion to senior officers or equivalent posts. However, this directive will not apply to those not directly involved in banking activities, such as: doctors, engineers (officials associated with civil engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering, and IT professions), and officers appointed in publicity and publicity positions. This directive will come into effect on January 1, 2024. The BRPD 18 directive issued on October 13, 2020, is hereby repealed. The Central Bank has issued this directive under the powers given in Section 45 of the Bank Companies Act, 1991. Hence, it is undeniable that there is no substitute for professional skills, even in the banking sector or specialized financial institutions that conduct banking activities.

According to the Bankers Welfare Association of Bangladesh, junior or senior officers of various banks are appointed after giving a proper written and VIVA examination. After orientation to their respective organizations, officers are given the opportunity to learn to work in various departments of their banks after basic training and the completion of a one-month foundation course from BIBM. That means every officer gets a chance to do specific work. However, the management unit, if necessary, arranges training for specific courses in its own training academies or BIBM to make the officers skilled in specific departments. The bank’s own training academy and BIBM’s specific courses conduct a proper evaluation of the training. Each promotion is considered on the basis of specific criteria and competence. Since the issuance of the promotion circular by Bangladesh Bank, there have been two kinds of differences in the banking world regarding the banking diploma among the bank officers. On the one hand, anxiety, excitement, depression or a fold of worry are seen among the bankers, while on the other hand, it is seen to stimulate joy. Many people are talking about banking diplomas in addition to MBA, BMBA, Hons, Masters, PhD, and other types of training. Basically, banking is a profession. The banking diploma is the diploma of bankers engaged in the banking profession. Except for banking, no other profession can obtain this diploma. There are millions of Ph.D. and Master’s degree holders, but few have professional degrees. So, the evaluation of this degree should be more important. It is not! On the contrary, there is indifference, negligence, or laxity among many regarding obtaining this degree or passing this banking diploma exam.

Irrespective of modernization or anything else, I think the only reason for not passing the banking diploma exam is ignorance. If we bankers focus on the diploma side early in our recruitment, then getting this degree is not difficult at all. A banking diploma is not only a form of promotion, but it also increases bankers’ interest, motivation, incentive, recognition or other types of incentives to obtain this diploma from their respective institutions or organizations.

So don’t get frustrated or scared to get this degree, but let the banking diploma become a joy for bankers. Moreover, earning a banking diploma will not be difficult for experienced bankers, as the syllabus of the banking diploma exam is designed to include all the theoretical and practical knowledge of banking. It is easy to pass the exam by studying the guidebooks written according to the syllabus of the banking diploma exam. Moreover, before the exam, the institute arranges classes by experienced bankers as per the exam and syllabus. Aside from target and diligence, bankers should read some banking books. And this study can also be for the banking diploma exam. As a result, the banking diploma is not a disappointment, but rather a new motivation for every banker to obtain a banking diploma. We also expect that Banking Diploma can make the expert banker in this sector. We all approach the subject with joy and interest, not with difficulty or fear. I respect the banking profession and we all have banking diplomas. we proud to be a banker.

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