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Bangladeshi young sensation makes history at Sepang 1000 km Endurance Race in Malaysia

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Bangladesh’s motorsport scene has reached a new height recently. The Sepang 1000 km Endurance Race, also known as S1K, is one of the toughest endurance races in Malaysia. It takes place over a total of 1000 km and the race is only open to production cars with engine capacity below 1600cc, which was earlier known as the Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race (MMER).

The 2022 version of the 9-hour race took Yokohama as the official partner and two Bangladeshi drivers named Avik Anwar and Ishayet Hossain proudly represented the Red and Green flag.

Ishayet Hossain, aged only 18, has become a GT race car sensation in Bangladesh. He has certainly set a remarkable example for motorsport enthusiasts to follow and with continued hard work he may just be on his way to becoming the world’s next GT Racing superstar. He wrote history by achieving a fitting podium second finish in the Sepang 1000 of Malaysia. It is a tremendous feat of skill and perseverance, proving that anything is possible with dedication and hard work.

The young talent has said, “I have been able to stay focused and energized due to the incredible support from the Bangladeshi people.”

“What I’ve learned from my various races is that if you can find the balance between winning and losing, you will ultimately come out ahead.”- Ishayet also added this while recalling his earlier days of honing his driving skills.

He concluded by saying, “There have been some tough times but I’ve never forgotten that if I stay focused and determined, anything is possible.”

Some of his remarkable achievements include being the junior champion of the VW Polo Cup. His consistent top-tier finishes in Gulf Pro Car Championship Dubai and the Malaysian Championship Series were the testaments to his racing craft and dedication.

In Bangladesh, there has been a rise in demand for personal transport and an influx of purchasing power. Now is the perfect time to follow your passion for racing cars while maintaining safety measures.

Whether it’s as a hobby or you want to make it your career, there has never been a better opportunity to be part of this exhilarating sport.

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