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AWS Startup Day Bangladesh 2023 held for the first time in Bangladesh

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Amazon Web Services Startup Day Bangladesh 2023 is being organized for the first time in Bangladesh on October 5, 2023. The day-long program taught hands-on how to transform a startup design into a billion-dollar company using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. This was an immersive all-day event aimed at Students, Startups and Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh who aspire to build the next billion-dollar company. It was a journey into innovation and collaboration, designed to shape the next generation of pioneering companies. Through immersive workshops, attendees gained practical knowledge on harnessing the AWS platform’s potential for cloud-native applications, software as a service, analytics, and machine learning. This event offered the chance to connect with industry experts, foster valuable connections, and equip themselves with the tools to propel your startup to remarkable success.
This is the first time such an event is being organized in Bangladesh, jointly hosted by Daffodil International University (DIU), Knowledgevale and Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd. in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Strategic Partners of theis event are Idea Design Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA), Aspire to Innovate (a2i), Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), XLB C Level Consulting, Bangladesh Computer Samily, Bangladesh Innovation Forum etc.
The daylong event was inaugurated by Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman of Daffodil Family. Mr. Mohammad Mahdi-Uz Zaman, Leader of Amazon Web Services, Solution Architecture, Startup was present as the special guest. Mr. Munir Hasan, Chief Coordinator of Digital Transformation & Vice President of Prothom Alo and CEO of XLB C Level Consulting Mr. Faqueer Ahmed were present as the Special guests. Dr. Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Chief Executive Officer of Daffodil Family delivered the welcome address in the opening ceremony.
While inaugurating the Startup Day Dr. Md. Sabur Khan said, “Our young stars face the problem of not maintaining the proper process flow required for developing a world-class unicorn or establishing a million or billion dollar company lack of not using the right architect, data base and security compliance.” As a result, our young stars sometimes fall flat on their faces.

Our initiative is to overcome that situation. Because to make a business sustainable one has to constantly change the innovation track which many of us entrepreneurs don’t know. That is why we have arranged hands-on training by bringing internationally renowned experts from different countries to train new startups. Bangladesh did not have this kind of hands-on training yet before. Amazon Web Services is directly supporting this. Here 150 startups will learn hands-on and hopes at least 30 of them will get 10,000 USD credit facility from AWS.

This full-day event aimed to provide participants with hands-on workshops, insights on creating the next generation of unicorn startups, and opportunities to learn about AWS career programs through various sessions conducted by internationally and locally recognized professionals/trainers from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The most interesting aspect of this event was more than 10 internationally recognized speakers and trainers from home and abroad conducted hands-on workshops. Also, all the participants presented a presentation based on Hands on Workshop, from which the winners were declared awards based on the verdict of the judges. Moreover, Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd. will finance the successful projects of startups from here in the future.

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