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Autonemo awarded vehicle tracking service license

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Autonemo, one of Bangladesh’s leading GPS tracking service providers, received a license recently as a vehicle tracking service provider from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). With this license, Autonemo will now be able to provide the highest quality vehicle tracking services with validity and innovation, following all the rules and policies of the Bangladesh government.

Autonemo began its journey in 2022 with a trial run to ensure maximum vehicle safety and security. During the trial run, Autonemo has conducted various research for a long time on fleet management solutions, private car solutions, power generator remote monitoring, fuel tracking Solutions, container and ship tracking solutions, and many other advanced GPS services. To solve the problem of getting genuine products in the automobile industry, Autonemo is starting its own automotive parts, accessories, and lubricants online shop that guarantees 100% genuine supply of all types of car parts, accessories, and lubricants.

Abul Bashar Md Sharif, Managing Director of Autonemo Limited, commented that this license will add a new dimension to the vehicle safety experience. He also said, “There is a story behind every car. For someone, it’s like a dream come true, while for others it’s a hobby to maintain a car. To keep those dreams and passions intact, Autonemo will keep working hard.” The Autonemo family is grateful to the BTRC for their cooperation in obtaining this license. Autonemo also thanked all its employees and customers who participated in the trial run.

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