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Asia’s first tyre-related Apps introduced by Rupsha

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Over the past decade, mobile applications have become a part of our lives. The iPhone’s App Store and Android’s Google Play were launched in 2008. Since then people are starting to depend on Apps for various reasons including gathering knowledge and knowing the price of a product. This time an app related to tyres was launched in Bangladesh which was also the first time for the Asia market. It is created & marketed by Rupsha Tyre, a domestic tyre manufacturer in Bangladesh. This app of Rupsha can be downloaded and used from any Android smartphone. It contains information related to their products, updated prices of new products, customer can talk to their representative via message.

At the same time, users can give complaints or feedback through the app. It has a news section where all the news related to tyres from home and abroad can be found. Mr Yusuf Jamil, IT manager of Rupsha claimed, the app is extremely helpful. the journey of this app started only to provide easy and fast service to customers. We have a plan to add more services through apps in 2022. So that anyone can get all kinds of help from these apps instantly.

Link to download the apps:

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