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Animes comes back to Coke Studio Bangla Season 2

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Coke Studio Bangla will be releasing the third song of season 2 on 18 March 2023 featuring Animes Roy, the Hajong rockstar. Animes Roy, who made his debut in season 1 opener Nasek Nasek will be performing in an original track. The song is inspired from Animes’s life which focuses around not bowing down to societal expectations rather staying true to his roots and love for music.
Joining him in this song will be Sohana, popularly known as Daughter of Coastal, the rap artist from Coxs Bazar. This is the first time an artist from the coastal city is performing on Coke Studio Bangla’s platform. This upcoming track is written by Animes Roy and the music is designed by Sayonton Mangsang.
Animes Roy became a household name last year with his Nasek Nasek track, which was heard globally, including in Adelaide during the ICC T20 World Cup. His beautifully written songs represent the Hajong community and he is the embodiment of “The Sound of Global Bangladeshi Youth.” This year he is coming back with a rock version of himself.
Audiences will be able to listen to the latest track on the official Spotify and YouTube channel of Coke Studio Bangla.

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