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ABHF INC Organizes ‘Meet & Greet’

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Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, psychologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, academics, medical admins and other allied health professionals residing in New South Wales (Australia) have recently joined hands to form a new organization named as Australia Bangladesh Health Forum INC (ABHF INC). This new platform will work for the betterment of the communities. The first meet and greet event, organized by “Australia Bangladesh Health Forum INC”, has been held recently in Sydney.
The event was held at Sydney’s Hunters Hill Town Hall. The program started at 4.30 pm and continued till 10.30 pm. Around 250 guests, including 132 health professionals, graced the event with their presence. The event was organized in the hues of Baisakhi, creating a festive vibe.
Dr. Satyajit Dutta and Dr. Mahbuba Khanam Mukta gave welcome speeches on the occasion. They underscored the time-befitting genesis of this organization for bringing all together and also shed light on the necessity and activities of this organization in front of the invited guests. Dr. Salauddin Shahriar and Dr. Rumana Afroz reflected the main objective and future work plans of the Australia Bangladesh Health Forum (ABHF) in their speeches. Dr. Sajidul Islam and Dr. Suranjana Jennifer Rahman delivered the closing vote of thanks.
All the health professionals who came to the event shared their identity and professional details with the guests. Among them, Dr. Nahid Siddiqui, Dr. Nahid Saima, Dr. Mokaram Hossain, Dr. Ishrat Jahan Shilpi, John Martin, Dr. Aziz Zaman, Dr. Rafiqur Rahman, Dr. Mainul Haque, Dr. Synthia Kabir, Russell Islam, Saif Farhan Islam, Dr. Abul Kalam Shamsuddin, Dr. Halim Chowdhury, Dr. Sahab Basit, Dr. Fauzia Sultana, Miraj Nasir, Himel Rashid, Arifa Ferdous Leena, Dr. Riyad Hasan, Zinat Chowdhury, Dr. Syed Farabi, Dr. Mesbah Alam, Dr. Helen Afroz, Dr. Aktar Hossain, Dr. Sharmin Kazi, Dr. Borna Das, Dr. Farzana Yusuf and Dr. Iftekhar Uddin delivered welcome speeches. Sydney-based senior physician Dr. Abdullah hailed the formation of this new organization as a groundbreaking step.
A general commitment was evident among all the attendees that all Australian health professionals could serve the community as a multi-disciplinary team. All health professionals were happy to get to know each other and exchange ideas through this meet and greet event. Distinguished guests present at the event expressed the hope that the Australia Bangladesh Health Forum (ABHF) will play an instrumental role in facilitating social, educational and professional communication in future.
The overall decoration of the event was done by Prottasha’s World Event, photo coverage provided by Akash De of ‘Photolia’ whereas afternoon refreshments were served by ‘Mukharochak’. Sydney’s famous ‘Nawabs’ restaurant entertained the guests’ taste buds with a Baishakhi buffet dinner. Health professionals captivated the audience with a mesmerizing cultural program. The night came to an end with enthralling cultural performances by popular artists based in Sydney, including Rumana Ferdousi Loni, Oishee Anindita Basak, Nasim Kamal Shiplu and Syed Parvez.

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