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A roundtable discussion at UIU

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The Department of Civil Engineering of United International University (UIU) organized a roundtable discussion session titled “Accelerating progress towards reaching SDG6 sanitation target in Bangladesh: role of universities” in partnership with International Training Network, BUET (ITN-BUET) yesterday at UIU Campus, United City, Madani Avenue, Dhaka.

Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Kashem Mia, Vice Chancellor (In-Charge), United International University presided over the ceremony. The welcome address was delivered by Prof. Dr. Afzal Ahmed, Head, Dept. of Civil Engineering, UIU and a keynote speech was presented by Prof. Dr. Md. Mujibur Rahman, Dept. of Civil Engineering, UIU in the session. The country’s renowned academics and WASH sector experts took part in the roundtable discussion, among others: Professor Emeritus Dr. M. Rezwan Khan, Executive Director of IAR & Former VC of UIU, Mr. Md. Abdul Moqaddem Treasurer of UIU and Prof. Dr. Tanvir Ahmed, Director, ITN-BUET. Besides, representatives from DPHE, PKSF, University of Asia Pacific, BRAC, JICA, VERC, GWSC-AIT, SKS Foundation, Practical Action Bangladesh, NGO Forum for Public Health, CWIS-FSM Support Cell and the Policy Supports Branch of the Ministry of Local Government Rural Development & Cooperatives participated in the roundtable discussion.

The speakers discussed in detail the importance of the sanitation system in the country, obstacles, proper use and its proper implementation in the roundtable discussion. In addition, the speakers mentioned different roles of the universities of Bangladesh in achieving SDG6 sanitation targets.

UIU Vice Chancellor (In-Charge) stressed that the government, academia and the WASH sector must work jointly to reach our SGD6 sanitation target. He further mentioned the importance of social mobilization in achieving the sanitation target.

Faculty members, officials, academicians, government officials, researchers and other distinguished guests from various universities, national and international organizations were present in the program.

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