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78 percent of the 100 working days action plan announced by the Ministry of Environment has been implemented

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Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury said that 78 percent of the 100-day priority action plan of the Ministry of Environment has been implemented. Among the 28 declared priorities for institutional capacity building, pollution control, waste management, environment, forest, environment and biodiversity conservation and combating climate change, 22 have been fully implemented and 4 have been partially implemented. If partial implementation is taken into consideration, the implementation rate will be 85 percent.  Despite the initiatives taken, the implementation of the 2 priorities has not been possible, the implementation work is ongoing.

Environment Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury gave all the information in the press briefing held on Thursday (July 4) in the meeting room of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change regarding the implementation of the priority action plan of 100 working days announced by the ministry.

The secretary of the ministry Dr. Farhina Ahmed, Additional Secretary (Administration) Iqbal Abdullah Harun, Additional Secretary (Environment) Dr. Fahmida Khanom, Additional Secretary (Paduni) Tapan Kumar Biswas, Director General of Department of Environment Dr. Abdul Hamid and Gobinda Roy, Deputy Chief Conservator of Forest Department, along with senior officials of the Ministry were present.

The Minister of Environment said that various effective initiatives have been taken to update the organogram (manpower structure) of the Ministry and the Departments/Organizations under its jurisdiction to increase the institutional capacity. Effective monitoring has been initiated through artificial intelligence and smart technology.

Saber Chowdhury said, approval for some procedural matters is under process. At least one action has been taken to address pollution from each source of air pollution. At least 581 brick kilns have been raided across the country to prevent air pollution. Initiatives have been taken to update the Noise Pollution (Control) Rules, 2006.

The Environment Minister said that initiatives have been taken to formulate ‘National Solid Waste Management Framework’. In order to protect the environment, environment and biodiversity from plastic pollution, a list of ‘single use plastic’ and primary data collection activities have been started.   The draft of ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ has been finalized with the aim of properly managing the waste generated from the products of the manufacturers and importers. Initiatives have been taken to introduce online monitoring through smart technology to keep the ETP of industrial plants running effectively. An initiative has been taken to declare ‘single use plastic’ free in the secretariat. Instructions have been issued to all ministries from the Cabinet. Two ‘Single Use Plastic’ free school campuses have been implemented for each division to prevent environmental pollution.

The Environment Minister said that an initiative has been taken to formulate an action plan for greening the school-college syllabus/textbook to increase the awareness of young students on the conservation of environment, forest, environment and biodiversity. Initiatives have been taken for mapping the hills, hills and natural reservoirs located in different parts of the country. Initiatives have been taken to simplify the process of granting environmental clearance. Actions have been taken to bring green category clearances under ‘Self Assessment’. Initiatives have been taken to update the categories of industrial establishments and projects considering the extent of activities of industrial establishments or projects and the scope, extent of possible pollution caused and possible harmful effects on the environment and human health. Evacuation proposal of 51 thousand 7 acres of encroached forest land has been prepared and sent to the district administration. Initiatives have been taken to implement the proposal to rescue 1 lakh 87 thousand acres of encroached forest land sent earlier. Compensation against persons/institutions polluting the environment has been revised. Online case management system has been launched to consolidate monitoring of proper implementation of High Court judgments for protection of environment, forests, environment and biodiversity.

Saber Chowdhury said, “Bangladesh Climate Development Partnership” finalization activities have been implemented with the aim of dealing with environmental and climate impacts through meaningful and effective cooperation. The NAP conference has been organized by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in Dhaka in April 2024. Guidelines have been formulated for screening proposals under the Climate Change Trust Fund. The project has been taken up with the aim of obtaining financing from the International ‘Loss and Damage Fund’.”

The minister said that initiatives have been taken to formulate a ‘partnership framework’ with development partners, NGOs and CSOs on environment and climate and work is underway to implement ‘whole of government’ and ‘whole of society’ approaches by increasing inter-ministerial coordination. A proposal was sent to the Finance Department and the National Board of Revenue to include the ‘Clean and Green’ theme in the budget, and this initiative will be taken in the next financial year as well. In order to control air pollution and protect agricultural land, the initiative to approve the revised roadmap for using 100% blocks in government construction could not be finalized. A draft strategy has been formulated for the implementation of the ‘Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan’, the work of finalization is in progress.

A draft action plan to reduce the production and use of single-use plastics has been formulated but could not be finalised. An initiative has been taken to start two Zero Waste Villages in one division with the aim of better waste management.
The minister sought the cooperation of all in controlling the country’s environmental pollution, protecting forests, and combating climate change. He said that the ministry will continue to take steps according to the rules of business.

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