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Sunsilk Introduces New Shampoo with Active Mix of Natural Ingredients

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Sunsilk, the most loved hair care brand of Unilever Bangladesh Limited (UBL), has introduced a new range of shampoos with an active mix of natural ingredients as part of its effort to bring better and newer innovations all the time. The brand was relaunched with a new proposition and packed through a grand event last week.
The new range of Sunsilk shampoos will offer three types of hair care solutions- shiny black hair, thick and long hair, and hair fall solution. Sunsilk black shine contains Amla, Pearl Protein, and Vitamin E for shiny black hair. Sunsilk engrafts keratin, yogurt, and coconut oil for thick and long hair. Sunsilk will also have another shampoo with soy protein, almonds, and vitamin E to tackle hair loss in the hair falls solution pack.
Afzal Hasan Khan, Director, Beauty and Personal Care, Unilever Bangladesh Limited, said: “Sunsilk believes in opening up possibilities for girls everywhere by allowing them to explore the opportunities thriving beyond conventions and limitations. Sunsilk cares about hair that looks and feels right in every moment, and it keeps innovating products for consumers which has made Sunsilk the most beloved hair care brand in Bangladesh.”

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