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Moumita Mou in Rana Bortoman’s Telefilm ‘pregnant’

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The current social system has also changed over time. And in this changed society, before the child is born into the world, that child has been destroyed. It is a daily routine & also fashion for the unmarried girls of today’s society. But to unravel the mystery behind why this is being done, director Rana Bortoman is going to present to the audience a different kind of basic story telefilm titled ‘Pregnant‘. Produced by Nasir Kashem.

Incidentally, all the popular actors & actresses of the country nowadays like Sushama Sarker, Moumita Mou, Amaan Reza, Abu Hurayra Tanvir are acting in the telefilm.

Rana Bortoman, the director of the telefilm, said that 90 percent of the work of the telefilm has already been completed. He also expressed hope that the telefilm will be released soon ahead of the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha. When Rana Bortoman was contacted in this regard, he said, “Just as the telefilm ‘Probashir Ranga Bou’ made by me has touched the hearts of the viewers, I believe that the telefilm ‘Pregnant’ will also make a permanent place in the minds of the viewers.

However, due to the Corona epidemic across the country, this beautiful work had to be done with great risk. For this reason, there were many problems during the shooting of the telefilm & more money had to be invested than the budget. In the end, I can say that despite all the obstacles, I have been capable to complete the work, this is the biggest achievement of an trivial director like me at the dernier of the day.”

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