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Cats Eye Eid collections

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Not just bright colors or experimental patterns, the country’s leading fashion brand Cat’s Eye want to spread the message of excitement in every new ready-to-wear design for Eid. So the motifs and design details have been kept in the festive mood.

Cotton can absorb sweat, loose clothing is comfortable. Now due to the heat, the design and color of Cats Eye’s clothing has been given priority. Cat’s Eye brings long tops which is the main attraction of this year’s Eid for young ladies. These Eid collections will include a variety of necklines, embroidered value additions, oversized silhouettes, soft fabrics and more playful colors.

Meanwhile, there is no shortage of organizing men’s Eid clothes. The Punjabi and Mandarin vests have their own designs, basically mixing modernity with tradition. There are also differences between Punjabi collars and plaques. Eid clothes can be used comfortably all year round so shirts, polos and bottoms have also undergone major changes. Printed, striped and jacquard predominated on the canvas of the shirt.

Sadiq Quddus, director of Cats Eye and head of the design department, said about the design of these Eid clothes.

“A dress tells the story of a person’s personality. Cat’s Eye helps to make those stories clear through every costume that is being ideated and created,” he said.

He requested to come to the Cat’s Eye stores this Eid for improved tailoring at affordable prices.

Details of new Eid clothes, new product videos, photoshoot photos and affordable offers can also be found on Cat’s Eye’s Verified Facebook Fan Page. It can be purchased online as well as in stores across the country.

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