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The body shop organizes fragrance carnival to entice scent enthusiasts

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The Body Shop Bangladesh recently held its first Fragrance Carnival at The Body Shop Jamuna Future Park, themed around aromatic fragrances. The event featured expert tips on all things perfume, fun games, and exclusive giveaways for influencers. Attendees learned about layering perfumes, choosing fragrance families, and finding scents that suit them, engaging with experts who helped expand their fragrance knowledge.

The Body Shop’s products are 100% vegan across all ranges, including skincare, body care, haircare, makeup, and fragrance. The highlight of the event was the fragrance collection, featuring the iconic Musk collection—a signature scent since 1981—now updated with sustainable packaging and complementary scents for layering and personalization.

Inspired by floral elements, The Body Shop’s Full Flowers Range blends notes of soft petals, green leaves, woody stems, juicy fruits, and sweet resin. As the day goes on, these fragrances evolve, revealing their unique features. The Full Flowers range includes scents like Iris, Magnolia, Ylang Ylang, Orange Blossom, and Rose.

The Body Shop’s Choice Collection is designed for daily wear and offers empowering, uplifting vegan scents for every mood. Whether feeling happy, calm, free, vibrant, or slightly rebellious, there’s a scent for every emotion.

Shop The Body Shop’s fragrance collections at Jamuna Future Park, Gulshan Unimart, and Basundhara City Shopping Mall. For home delivery, contact: Jamuna Future Park: +8801714169361, Gulshan Unimart: +8801304236683, Basundhara City Shopping Mall: +88017141693.

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