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Polash Moni Das chief judge for a reality show

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Director Polash Moni Das has been appointed as the judge for the upcoming reality show “Jiboner Golpo Bolun, Bari Jitun.” This humanitarian show, initiated by the esteemed Mia Abdullah Wazed, aims to provide a platform for various industrial workers across the country. The show focuses on helpless and homeless individuals who are either currently employed or retired from an industry, showcasing their diverse experiences and talents. “Jiboner Golpo Bolun, Bari Jitun” is set to air soon on ATN Bangla, highlighting the lives of these talented and vulnerable individuals.

Polash Moni Das expressed his thoughts on the initiative, stating, “I have previously served as a judge for several reality shows. However, amidst thousands of entertainment shows, I first extend my respect to the living legend Mia Abdullah Wazed Sir for taking such a unique humanitarian initiative. He has stepped forward with a humanitarian approach alongside entertainment. I hope the audience will enjoy this distinct entertainment through the program.”

Speaking further about the show, Judge Polash Moni Das added, “I feel proud thinking that such a program will be a witness to time. In my knowledge, I have not seen such a humanitarian reality show in the past. Therefore, I wish continuous success to everyone involved in this show.”

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time Polash Moni Das has served as the head chief judge for various reality shows. The most notable among them was the Bavasi International Film Festival 2022-2023.

According to sources, the reality show will be broadcast very soon on ATN Bangla TV.

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