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What to look for in an AC in 2024

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There is always that one colleague who has a jacket ready nearby, no matter what temperature the AC is set on. The ones always sitting in the corner, farthest from the ‘chills’, marking themselves safe. The occasional tug-of-war with your partner for the AC remote before going to bed is also not something unknown to many. If there could ever be enough blankets in the room!
It is safe to blame the sharp wind coming out of the air conditioners. To solve this issue, modern AC’s have begun including a new ‘wind-free’ feature in their wonder machines – the first feature to look out for in the newer ranges of air conditioners.
So, what exactly is wind-free cooling? Picture this – instead of the harsh, cold air that typical AC units directly blow, wind-free cooling disperses cool air through thousands of micro air holes. This creates a still-air sensation, much like a soft, refreshing breeze that evenly cools the entire room. It is perfect for the ones who are sensitive to the direct projection of AC vents.
Standing in 2024, users are prioritizing energy efficiency while purchasing electronic appliances more than ever before. Energy-efficient AC units, mostly equipped with digital inverters, use significantly less power compared to traditional models. Often by maintaining a stable temperature without constant cooling, they help you save on electricity bills and reduce your environmental footprint.
Another key feature to look out for is the cooling coverage, meaning the AC’s ability to cool each corner of the room in a balanced manner. Also, in the hot summer days, you’d want to experience consistent cooling. When the summer heat is at its peak, you’d need an AC that reaches all the spots and eliminates the annoyance of uneven temperatures. Hence, it’s important to look for units with latest fast cooling features. This ensures immediate relief, making your space as comfortable as ever.
As much convenience it brings us in summer, taking care of air conditioners can be quite a task. Most user reviews therefore recommend new buyers to look out for easy maintenance options. Choose units with filters designed for automatic, effortless cleaning, and if possible, the ones that destroy airborne bacteria on its own. Make sure to skim through the smart features your choice of AC has to offer, since you will be making a considerable amount’s investment after the appliance. Air conditioners that can be controlled via a smartphone app deserve brownie points!
If you’re wondering where to find an AC with such diverse features, leading electronics brand Samsung has incorporated all of the above in the market’s first WindFree™ air conditioner. Equipped with WindFree™ and more exclusive features like AI automation, easy cleaning and Digital Inverter, this air conditioner can truly be the one to redefine your home or office’s comfort aura!
Whether you’re on a binge-watch session, hosting a summer party, or simply planning a long nap, a quick check on the latest, most advanced features ensures that your home remains a comfort haven. “Home is where the AC temperature is comfy”, we say; but, in 2024, its time to make it a reality.

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