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BYD SEAL soon to hit the streets of Bangladesh to make the country cooler

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As we gear up to make our planet greener and air fresher, Bangladeshi streets are all set to welcome the newest Global New Energy Vehicles (NEV), BYD SEAL! Marching forward with a commitment to reduce the Earth’s temperature by 1 degree, this incredible sports sedan marks the beginning of a new era in the country’s EV scene.

BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of NEVs and electric batteries, launched its flagship model, BYD SEAL, in Bangladesh on March 02, 2024. Ever since, automobile enthusiasts across the country have been anticipating the arrival of this lustrous sedan on the streets. Putting an end to all the wait, the pre-ordered cars are now all set to be handed over to the first batch of customers, soon to be seen gliding across the streets of Bangladesh!

Amid Sakif Khan, Director, CG RUNNER BD LTD. said, “BYD’s commitment lies in ensuring a better world for our future generations; hence, we are currently on a mission to cool the Earth by one degree Celsius. In that regard, we believe that widespread use of Electric Vehicles can, in fact, make this possible. Introducing BYD SEAL in Bangladesh is just the beginning of our such initiatives in this country, and there’s more to come.”

BYD SEAL boasts a stunning design, long driving, and smooth handling, as well as state-of-the-art tech and safety features. Its sporty and aerodynamic ocean-inspired design, including the X-shaped front, the streamlined double U-shaped light clusters, and a panoramic roof, make BYD SEAL a confirmed head-turner!

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