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Create unforgettable memories with a billion color shades

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Many of us would still remember the rainy evening of 2006, when the youngest Argentine footballer to play and score in the FIFA World Cup stepped in the field for his debut. A roaring echo from all over the blocks – from the posh living rooms with gigantic CRT TVs to the shabby tea-stalls buzzing FM radio commentaries – it all engraved one memory, fine and permanent, in the hearts of football lovers. Lionel Messi’s world cup debut, made unforgettable albeit through the blurry pixels in 4:3.

Near two decades have gone by since, and many kids who were left mesmerized by the ‘la pulga’ show that evening have already found themselves sprinting and dribbling across the legendary greens of Anfield, Allianz, Bernabeu or Camp Nou. We now have the likes of Jude Bellingham and Lamine Yamal putting up grand spectaculars – and we all now witness the beauty through the super-refined outputs of modern television technology, as if the vibrance of the favorite jerseys would pop off the screen!

The sports season is here, and the excitement of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, EURO 2024 and 2024 Copa America has already hit the peak. Be it at the cozy comfort of own living rooms, gathering at a pizza place with friends, or sneak-peeks at the scoreline while trying to meet deadlines at office – we are all in for the love of the games. And we need good TVs.

Televisions that don’t make us regret not being able to watch the blistering yorkers of Bumrah live. Televisions that feature dynamic contrast for sneakerheads to instantly identify the signature boots of Harry Kane. Televisions with ambient sounds for fanatics to sing along the chorus with pride.

Most households these days feature large-screen TVs, but rarely do we find the visual experience to be lifelike. It’s one thing to sit back and enjoy the suspense of an OTT thriller after a long day at work, but when it is about anticipating every move of the opposition during a live, competitive event in real time with millions of fans across the world – we simply need more. We crave for a superior viewing experience with sharp details and smooth transitions. A unique absorbing of every nuance on the field and each subtle detail of the players’ expressions. All is offered by the CU8000 TV model, a wonder from Samsung, the Global No. 1 TV brand for 18 years!

The Dynamic Crystal Color technology of this 4K UHD Smart TV boasts 1 billion shades of color, capturing and projecting a super-realistic visual treat. Yes, sports channels are now offering better output, set top boxes offers higher resolution, OTTs regularly launching signature productions! Utmost picture quality has become a priority considering the contents we are watching. We can get more life-like pictures from a 4K TV if it can deliver picture with 1 billion color shades.

Additionally, AirSlim design and 4K Crystal Processor of Samsung’s CU8000 model will ensure an indulgence for sheer luxury and comfort. Its Motion Xcelerator, High Dynamic Range and other innovative additions are just perfect for making the maximum of the sports season.

History is in the making amid the emerald grasses. It is your chance to be a part of it and witness the game like never before!

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