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BASIS-SEIP project: Daylong IT Job Fair, 35 companies offering jobs

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BASIS-SEIP organized IT Job Fair, Career Counseling and Certificate distribution program at Daffodil Plaza premises in Dhaka on Monday.

Md. Mahfuzul Alam Khan, Joint Secretary, DEPD (Public) was present as the chief guest, Md. Ruhul Amin, Deputy Secretary, AEPD (Private-4) was present as a special guest while BASIS President Russell T. Ahmed presided over the program and BASIS Vice President (Admin) Abu Daud Khan delivered the welcome speech.

In the career counseling session, BASIS Senior Vice President Samira Zuberi Himika, Corporate Trainer Don Sumdany, Founder and CEO of Brain Station23, Raisul Kabir addressed the job aspirants.

In this fair, 35 companies collect resumes from candidates to fill more than 200 vacancies. The fair started from 10 am till 3 pm. Job aspirants go to the company stall of their choice and apply in their preferred category. During the fair, some companies confirm the job of their prospective candidates through interviews and some companies shortlisted them for taking the test later on.

However, BASIS has been a proud partner of this project since 2015, working to create skilled manpower for the IT sector. BASIS-SEIP Tranche-One was implemented from 2015-2018 and Tranche-One Additional from 2018-2019. Through this, about 30 thousand young students get the opportunity to receive training. BASIS-SEIP tranche-three in 2nd phase was scheduled to start in 2020, but due to Covid-19, programs were started in June 2021. Initially, the target of training about 7500 youths was set, but later on, BASIS-SEIP is working with a revised target of around 8000 by increasing another 500. This project is ending in December 2023.

Speaking as chief guest, Md. Mahfuzul Alam Khan said, “Bangladesh will become a developed and prosperous country by 2041 through young energetic working people like you. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina first announced Digital Bangladesh and it was implemented. Then she announced Smart Bangladesh and you are the main tool to build Smart Bangladesh. Smart Bangladesh will be implemented through you. Because every sector needs information technology and you are the raw material of this sector. This can be made more appropriate only through skilled human resources in the IT sector.”

Special guest Md. Ruhul Amin, said, “There is no sector in which IT is not used. The journey of those who are getting the certificate here today is not the end but it is just the beginning. There is a huge market for the IT sector all over the world and there is a huge demand for people skilled in the IT sector. You have to prove yourself and get there.”

BASIS President Russell T. Ahmed said, “Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced Smart Bangladesh. there are four pillars. These are Smart Citizens, Smart Society, Smart Economy and Smart Government. We have worked to build two pillars. One is a smart citizen, another is a smart society. It is possible to build a smart society only if there are smart citizens. We can all build a smart society by being smart citizens and then we will build a smart economy by fulfilling our responsibilities properly.”

Russell T. Ahmed said to the job aspirants that everyone should dream and chase the dream with their maximum effort then it is possible to come true the dream.

Abu Daud Khan, Vice President of BASIS, said, “The main objective of this project is to create skilled human resources in the ICT sector through free training and a stipend to trainees and assistance in employment after training. Some 7150 new graduates and 800 are receiving upskilling training under this scheme. So far 60.75 percent of those trained in the Tranche-Three scheme have been employed. While it is always our endeavor to involve girls in the IT sector, this time we have managed to train 23 percent of girls with two all-girls batches.”

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