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Aly Zaker research grant to be awarded to DU theatre students

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Mongoldeep Foundation has introduced ‘Aly Zaker Research Grant’ after the name of noted actor and writer late Aly Zaker for theatre students at Dhaka University.

Post-graduation-level students at Theater and Performance Studies of Dhaka University will be entitled to the grant for undertaking projects on research and direction of drama.

Mongoldeep Foundation and the Department of Theater and Performance Studies of Dhaka University, formally signed the memorandum of understanding on ‘Aly Zaker Research Grant’ on Sunday, July 16, 2023).

Present at the signing ceremony were founding Chairperson of Mongoldeep Foundation Sara Zaker and Chairman of the Department of Threatre and Performance Studies of Dhaka University Ashiqur Rahman Leon.

Aly Zaker, a popular actor, a freedom fighter, and founder of Asiatic Three Sixty, died in November 2020.

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