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100 mothers received prizes in the Mother’s Day campaign

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Mothers represent love, sacrifice, and passion. They care for their children with love and work tirelessly day and night for the well-being of the family. They always seek the best solutions for their families, including nutritious food, books, and toys.
ToguMogu, a popular parenting app in Bangladesh, partnered with Shokti+ and Goofi to honor and show respect and love to mothers during a special Mother’s Day campaign.
The campaign theme, “Mothers know best, do best for them,” lasted throughout May. As part of the campaign, ToguMogu organized a quiz program on its app, with over 15,000 mothers participating.
Out of the 100 winning mothers, the top 50 were invited to a grand event at the Lake Shore Hotel in Dhaka, where 10 winning mothers received grand prizes through a lottery.
During the event, a session on “Nutritious and Safe Food for Good Health” was led by Shamsun Nahar (Mohua), the Principal Nutritionist of Bardem General Hospital. Tarana Anis, an ECD specialist and child psychologist at Evercare Hospital, Dhaka, conducted a session on “Happy Parenting,” highlighting the importance of early teaching and positive parenting practices.
Surayya Siddiqua Sales and Marketing Director of Grameen Danone Foods Limited, the producer of Shokti+ said, “Mothers are the backbone of our families, and the future of children and the overall development of society depends on their health and well-being. We are happy to highlight the importance of nutrition among mothers and teaching children with joy and positive parenting practices. Such activities will continue in the future through partnerships with ToguMogu and Goofi.” She added.
Waliullah Bhuiyan, Founder & CEO of Light of Hope, said, ” in Goofi, we believe in learning through joy; this campaign has helped us connect with mothers in a fun and interactive way to highlight the importance of whole-child development.”
“Mothers nurture us with selfless love and care, often ignoring their health. It’s important to care for them too. raising awareness about mother’s care is one of the objectives of this campaign” Said, Dr. Nazmul Arefin chief executive officer of ToguMogu.

Share Trip, Bohu, and Grid were the gift partners in this campaign.

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